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Private Parties and Corporate Events discounted rates are based on a 15 guest minimum.  Smaller groups can be accommodated at a full price rate.

d Additional Private Party fees may apply for one or more of the following:

  • One-way travel beyond 25 miles from Newark, DE; Additional Artist fees for groups greater than 50 guests; Supplies fees for customized set-up; Artist fees for customized painting designs.  Contact us  to determine if any apply to your event.

Public Event Customer Pricing is based on

how many you bring to the party!

The larger your party, the greater the discount

Discounts applied at registration


is based on event size and location 

​call 302.607.4388 for additional detialis

Single Guest Rate: $45

    # Guests          Discount Rate        Coupon Code


Just apply the Coupon Code at Registration!