Promoting you event

Joint marketing is essential to a successful event.  

(Minimum of 4 weeks prior is suggested)

  • Painting Parties will utilize it's growing number of Facebook followers, newsletter subscribers and website promotions to let guests know when and where the party is planned.
  • Painting Parties will add your venue to it's website and promote it as a private event space in addition to the ongoing public events.  A link to your website will be provided.
  • Help from the venue should also be contributed in this way  for maximum effectiveness (Facebook, Website, email lists).  Many venues have in-house capabilities that lend themselves to attracting the existing customer base such as flyers, menu inserts, table top signage, video screens, exterior marquee announcements and of course manager and wait staff direct customer communication.
  • Pricing specials will be offered to attract new and existing customers.
  • Painting Parties is happy to provide a copy of the painting for display in your venue prior to the event if a secure space is available.
  • Regularly scheduled events are the best way for your customer base to plan for and anticipate returning to your venue for another paint party.  Once or twice a month parties are popular.   Every 6 weeks may work best for you.​

How will it work?

  • You choose the painting!  You know your customer base, you know what your friends are requesting...Let us know!
  • You choose the date and we'll verify artist availability
  • You choose the time (typically 6:00 or 6:30 start)
  • We'll arrive 1 hour early to set up and require approximately 30 minutes to clean up
  • Painting instruction is typically 2 hours.  We'll never rush a customer out when they're finishing their painting or enjoying picture taking with friends.
  • Reservations are typically taken on the Painting Parties website and all food and beverage purchases are separate...BUT if you have another idea we're open to hearing it!
  • Painting Parties will keep you apprised of the number of customer registrations as the event nears so that you can prepare your event space and staffing.

That's it!

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Join the growing number of restaurants and wineries that are expanding traffic and increasing customer reach by offering a fun alternative form of entertainment!  Although you pay nothing to host an event, Painting parties can bring up to 75 guests (if you have the space) on an otherwise slow night when your event space is not being utilized.

What is required of you?

  • All we need are tables and chairs and a water source to fill our paint cups and to rinse things out at the end.  We will provide disposable table covers and clean up all painting waste leaving your restaurant the way we found it.  Paint is water based acrylic.
  • We expect wait service to be present before, during and afterthe event to ensure that food and beverage sales are maximized
  • We ask that the lights be turned all the way up for maximum viewing while customers create!